Online Testing

California Dental Professionals — In accordance with California Code of Regulations (Title 16, Section 1016), a maximum of 8 credit hours may be awarded to you in one day. When completing multiple courses, please submit completed exams for grading as you complete each course, not to exceed more than 8 hours in any given day.

Online Testing Procedure

To take your test online, you will need an invoice in your own name dated 2004 or later.
If you do not have an invoice, call us: 1-800-700-3454, Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific time.

  1. You may pause and resume the test for as many sessions as needed. Be sure to save your answers at the end of each session by using the save button.
  2. You must review your answers before your test can be graded.
  3. A score of 70% or better will enable you to view and then print your "Certificate of Completion."
  4. Retaking a test means a $5 fee plus calling our office to enable this, so choose your answers carefully.
  5. Your computer browser must have "Cookies" enabled.
  6. Your login will time-out after one hour of inactivity. When this occurs, you will be asked to log in again.
  7. To begin your test online, login below by entering your:
    • first name (no middle initial)
    • last name (no DDS, DMD, or RDH)
    • invoice number
    • invoice date